An Overview of

Moving Worlds VRML 2.0

Draft #2, May 30, 1996

This overview provides a brief high-level summary of the Moving Worlds VRML 2.0 specification. The purposes of the overview are to give you the general idea of the major features of the proposal, and to provide a summary of the differences between VRML 1.0 and Moving Worlds VRML 2.0. The overview consists of two sections:

The official specification is available at:

This overview assumes that readers are at least vaguely familiar with VRML 1.0. If you're not, read the introduction to the official VRML 1.0 specification. Note that Moving Worlds VRML 2.0 includes some changes to VRML 1.0 concepts and names, so although you should understand the basic idea of what VRML is about, you shouldn't hold on too strongly to details and definitions from 1.0 as you read the Moving Worlds specification.

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