The Moving Worlds VRML 2.0 Specification

Draft #2b, June 4, 1996

This document describes the complete specification for Draft #2b of the Moving Worlds VRML 2.0 Specification . The Introduction section describes the conventions used in the specification, Key Concepts describes various fundamentals of VRML 2.0, Node Reference provides a precise BNF definition of the syntax and semantics of each node, Field Reference defines the datatype primitives used by nodes, Syntax presents the BNF, and External API describes the external programming interface to VRML browsers. The appendices describe the recommended syntax for the various VRML scripting languages VRML. The Index lists the concepts, nodes, and fields in alphabetical order, the Document Change Log summarizes significant changes to this document, and Credits lists the major contributors to this document.

Introduction     Concepts     Nodes     Fields

Syntax    External API

Appendix: JavaScript Appendix: Java

 Index  Document change log  Credits

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