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Warm up talking

December 29, 2003

You often need a way to get people loosened up a couple of alternatives:

Two minutes stream of consciousness, for example with one or two listeners.

Talk about an object, e.g a fire extinguisher, an exit, a piece of wood. Keep talking for a few minutes, find things to say about it, explore its textures etc

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Wubble wubble

January 30, 2004

In a circle - one person waggle hands + people on left and right do movement. Say "wubblewubble....wubble" Shoot energy to someone else (see longer description).

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Knot untangling

July 16, 2005

Untangling a knot of people and hands

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Have you Ever

October 16, 2008

In a circle - "Have you ever ...."

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Stories on a theme

October 17, 2008
Tell a story based on a theme or question.

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Yes and / Reminds me of

December 17, 2009

Someone starts to tell a short story,
At any point the next person interrupts with ...
* Yes and ..... (expands the story, or a different aspect)
* That reminds me of .... (and tells a related story)
* No .... ( and corrects)

This works either as an improvisation when the stories could be real or made up, or as a collective memory where participants in a group, or a family jump in with real stories.

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3 chairs

December 17, 2009

Simple physical impro exercise -
3 chairs facing the audience each with a person in it.
People play with
* standing or sitting
* looking - e.g. at each other, straight ahead

Clear precise movements,
Sometimes a pattern emerges, or something not in the score which the facilitator can either allow or not as seems appropriate
Ding a bell or a clap or something to signal 30 seconds to find an ending.

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Al Wonder - Theatre of the Ordinary - The Wonder of Improvisation

December 17, 2009

Al Wonder was the 2nd impro teacher I studied with, and I highly recommend his workshops "Theatre of the Ordinary"- mostly in Melbourne. He has a book out "The Wonder of Improvisation". He blend improvisation and physical theatre, and encourges each performer to find their own style.

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Parlour Games for Modern Families

December 17, 2009

Myfanwy Jones & Spiri Tsintrziras have put together a comprehensive guide to all sorts of games - paper, cards, dice, guessing etc - all kinds of things to keep families or friends entertained without the "box".

Parlour Games for Modern Families

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Facing Placing Spacing - Dots Lines Clumps

December 17, 2009

Two very similar impro games, work well with small or large groups.

The groups start off stage (sides) and people come on and play with either:
Facing; Placing; Spacing
or Dots / Lines / Clumps (how they are grouped on stage).

Simply come on stage, move to position, wait, at some point move again etc

Sounds simple, but emergent behaviors are fun to watch.

Make sure some of the group are witnesses, either cycling in and out of the work, or by splitting the group in two.

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