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Letter to the Echo about buying local, organic and GMO free PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 January 2003 06:42
Among the "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics" that the RTA presented at Ocean Shores recently, there was one good point, that the noisy trucks are bringing you your box of Corn Flakes.

As you make your next purchase, remember that, due to the RTA's shoddy engineering, your breakfast has kept people awake all along the few thousand kilometers journey its taken from grower to table. Instead consider buying most food from local producers, in locally owned stores, or directly from the growers at the new Farmers Market (Butler Street reserve Thursdays 8-11am).

Apart from helping your neighbors get more sleep, their are other advantages from buying locally. For a start more of our dollars would circulate locally - strengthening our local economy rather than Sydney's.

Also, until the supermarkets agree to label all the Frankenfoods on our shelves, you have to assume that anything containing Corn (or Soya or Vegetable Oil) probably contains Genetically Modified organisms. Both Santos and Fundies try to be GMO free.

Also consider going Organic, the increase in price (avoidable by shopping locally at the markets) is well worth keeping chemicals out of our bodies and environment, and the increased minerals and nutrients.

For the sake of our environment, local economy, health and a good night's sleep buy local, organic and GMO free from locally owned stores or the markets.