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Why We're Here by Kevin Salwen in Making a Difference PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 August 2004 14:17
I came across this new magazine that covers an issue that is close to my heart, that of doing well by doing good, i.e. running a successful business that also cares about its environment and community.

I have been on the road a ton lately and it's given me the opportunity to talk about Worthwhile to a host of new groups and people. In introducing the concept of the magazine (and of course this site), I typically offer up 3 sentences of general intro:
1. Worthwhile is a new business lifestyle magazine for people who want their careers to mean more than a paycheck.
2. So, we offer ideas and role models for professionals and executives to inject more meaning, passion and fulfillment into their worklives.
3. Increasingly, smart companies know that to gain the loyalty of their employees and customers they have to appeal to that deeper need instead of just financial results, so they are going back to -- and expressing -- their core values in a passionate way.

What often comes next is a discussion of how things are changing in workplaces all around America. People so often tell me how they are taking control over their own worklives (and by extension their lives), either by standing up for something at their offices or bailing out to join or start their own organization that matches their values. And at the most senior levels of companies, I hear repeatedly about new ways of thinking, about caring about doing well by doing good (yes, some of it is lip-service, but I'm inspired about how much is real). If you haven't seen what is going on at companies like Interface, Seventh Generation, Clif Bar, and, yes, huge companies like Gap Inc. and H-P, then you're not paying attention.

The next generation of business leaders is developing right now. They have heart and soul as well as brains. They wear their values on their chests and talk about ideas that were seen 10 years ago as "the soft stuff." They know how to make money AND lead with inspiration fueled by core values.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be part of creating the magazine that brings it front and center.