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Byron sustainable ventures network PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 September 2004 00:28
Last Tuesday we had the first meeting of a group being tentatively called the Byron sustainable ventures network. We brought together 17 people over food and conversation. The participants came from 13 businesses committed to being economically successful while retaining a commitment to the environment and community. The businesses ranged from publishing to body-care, marketing to bags, and organic food through consulting. We talked informally, and as a group, about the challenges and dilemma's common to businesses trying to "do good" while staying solvent, something that will be familiar to anyone trying to do this, but remains a mystery to most environmentalists, and most business people. Everyone was really keen to get together again soon, one comment summed it up. "I've never related to the business networking that goes on here, the Chamber of Commerce, and that sort of thing, but this gives me a chance to talk with people who actually care about the stuff I do". I'd be interested in hearing from other businesses in the Byron area who are as passionate about sustainability as they are about making money, and also from anyone who has a similar group of businesses in their own area.