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Can we live with oil - getting there for less PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 September 2004 04:30
An old friend - Guy Dauncey - has an interesting article in Yes magazine showing how the US could reduce its oil consumption for car transport by up to 97%. Americans are addicted to the joys of the open road. But the joys come at too high a price and we’re about to hit bottom. We can get around without oil. Here’s the 12-step program to do it.
If you were a redwood tree with a lifespan of 600 years, and you started life as a seedling in the year 1700, you would be able to live for 200 years in a world without oil, witness the beginning, middle and end of the Age of Oil, and still have 200 years to observe how humans fare in a world without oil (assuming you survive the timber companies). ... What we have here is a series of changes that produce incredible results. We reduced our need for car-based trips by 50 percent and used EVs for half the remaining trips. For the remaining 25 percent of our trips, we used hybrid EVs that are 85 percent more efficent than today’s cars for half of them and smart cars, which are 90 percent more efficient than today’s cars, for the other half. Altogether, these steps reduced our liquid fuel needs by 97 percent.