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Money reform - links to some resources PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 08 October 2004 02:36
While I'm far from convinced that reforming the money system will make a huge difference, I have some very smart friends who think otherwise. I used to be involved with LETS, introducing it to the UK back in about 1985. If you are interested in this topic check out some of these resources. Bernard Lietaer's book "The future of money" is worth a read, no home page so Google him. The book includes a game I wrote for demonstrating how community currencies work. The game is here. Declan and Margrit Kennedy are the other thinkers I find worthwhile on this topic. Declan's links page has some useful stuff, much of which is in German, and Margrit has an easy to read and follow book "Interest and Inflation Free Money" There are also useful links on