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Election fraud - sum up. PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 December 2004 02:37

The debate over the US's stolen election goes on, rather than keep posting about it, on a Blog that is basically about a different topic - i.e. Sustainability and Sustainable Businesses, I suggest that if you are interested in this topic you check any of the sites listed below.

From my own perspective, having been in the US at that time, the election was clearly fixed, while no single event tipped the scale, the combination of factors such as lines up to 10 hours long to vote (in democratic neighborhoods of course), machine counting irregularities and many others were enough to tip Bush over the line. But anyway we'll never know for sure, because as Jimmy Carter said

"some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida." Most significant, he said, were requirements that a nonpartisan electoral commission or official organize and conduct the electoral process and that voting procedures be uniform for all citizens.
(Source AP NewsWire)

Of course, even in a fair election, it would still be influenced by the over US$4bn of bribes campaign contributions that were made, that's around US$35 per vote cast. That dwarfs the corruption in any other country.

And even if the election wasn't bought, the choice was between two multi-millionaires who both supported the war on Iraq and the Patriot Act (the police state legislation), in a system which effectively rules out any third party.

Some sites that are continuing to document the process of questionning the election include:

I've also pulled all my old material and links into the Extended version of this article to avoid it cluttering up my Blog.