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Flexible Solar Panels PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 December 2004 09:26
New Scientist reported on 18th Dec 2004
Pliable solar cells are on a roll Imagine wearing a jacket or rucksack that charges up your mobile phone while you take a walk. Or a tent whose flysheet charges batteries all day so campers can have light all night. Or a roll-out plastic sheet you can place on a car's rear window shelf to power a child's DVD player. Such applications could soon become a reality thanks to a light, flexible solar panel that is a little thicker than photographic film and can easily be applied to everyday fabrics. The thin, bendy solar panels, which could be on the market within three years, are the fruit of a three-nation European Union research project called H-Alpha Solar (H-AS). (more)
More discussion of progress in this area happened on the Greenbuilding list, and I've excerpted it ....