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Resources for MicroEnterprises in developing countries PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 February 2005 06:38
I found a really useful set of resources at Sustainable Village for developing Micro Enterprises in developing countries.
Very small businesses called microenterprises are built on dreams and hard work, but the assistance they need is often in short supply. Nowhere is this more apparent than in parts of the world where equipment, transportation and reliable electricity and telecommunications can be hard to come by. This web site was created to serve as a tool to foster new opportunities for rural entrepreneurs. Complementing the partnership between microenterprises and their supporting organizations, our mission is to forge new connections that will enable businesses to locate the resources they need, increase their customer base and expand their efforts into new places and markets. Using the power of the Internet, we can link your organization to people ready to help. If you need design plans for a piece of equipment or simply a book, we can find it. If you want to expand into new markets, we'll make the introductions and minimize your risk. If you're creating a product, we'll explore offering it to the world via our business-to-business network, web sites and consumer catalogs. Whether you'd like to become a Sustainable Village microenterprise partner, are seeking new connections to like-minded organizations and efforts, or are simply looking for ideas, please contact us. We'd like to learn more about your work so we can share your experiences and wisdom with our global audience.
If you know of other useful resources in this area, please add them as comments.