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Peak Oil- Preparing for Energy Decent PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 February 2005 01:09
Peak Oil Information Night Saturday 26th February. Talk: 7pm to 9-9.30 pm. Venue: Ambaji Wellness centre, Shala Hall. 6 Marvel St, Byron Bay Peak Oil- Preparing for Energy Decent Energy availability is set to start declining inside a decade with the onset of the peak in global oil production and soon after the peak in global gas production. Global oil production may already be at maximum capacity, levelling off before the inevitable rapid decline. Our whole way of life in the modern, industrial/post industrial Western world is reliant on cheap, abundant oil and gas. Is the war in Iraq related to securing the last of the abundant hydrocarbon energy reserves? Why is an event of this importance not widely understood? What about alternative energy sources? The realities of peak oil are starting to emerge into mainstream media and policy making circles. Find out the facts on energy availability, how energy decent will effect your life, what you can do about it and the prospects for Byron Shire and beyond. A list of information sources and resources will be available at the talk. Tim Winton is founder of The Permaforest Trust, a not-for-profit sustainability education centre at Barkers Vale, on the North Coast of NSW.