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A summary from the Exeter Climate conference PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 April 2005 01:44
I had heard that the Exeter Climate conference called by Tony Blair had made some scarey predictions of the magnitude of climate change to be expected, and the magnitude of emission reductions needed to prevent the worst of them (its too late to prevent a significant amount). This article by Michael McCarthy gives a good summary, and this paragraph gives a flavor.
We were taken aback. The opening day brought disclosure of two major new threats to the world. The first concerned Antarctica, with a warning from the British Antarctic Survey (the body whose scientists discovered the ozone hole) that, perhaps because of rising temperatures, the vast ice sheet covering the western side of the continent may be starting to break up. Were it to collapse into the sea, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would raise global sea levels by more than 16 feet. Goodbye London; goodbye Bangladesh. Only four years ago the IPCC TAR said it was safe for probably 1,000 years, certainly until the end of this century; last week Professor Chris Rapley, the BAS director, said that judgement would now have to be revised.