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Radio interview on Red Terra 8 Apr 05 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 08 April 2005 01:35
These are the links for the topics I'm planning to talk about on Red Terra's show this morning, I might not get a chance to get to all of them ... Feel free to email me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about any of the items below. Campaign against the mega-concert venue in Tyagarah, Will a much-expanded blues festival, and multiple other large multi-day partying events really enhance our community? Downshifting Downunder - Downshifters are people who make a voluntary, long-term change in their lifestyle that involves accepting significantly less income and consuming less. Motives may be varied and include those relating to personal life and those based on principle. Downshifting Downunder is a new organisation, coming together to catalyze and co-ordinate a downshifting movement in Australia that will significantly impact sustainability and social capital. Natures Child Wholesale - Natural and Organic Baby products, collaborating with an Indian anti-sweatshop pro-fairtrade NGO to create organic products. Papyrus Australia - Paper from Banana waste - I worked with them last year and they just listed on the stock exchange. Byron Sustainable Venture Network A network of businesses in the Byron area involved with sustainability and environmentally friendly products. (talk to me about this).

Trip to the US ... two conferences

Environdesign9 - Sustainable design of products and buildings etc. Social Venture Network - SVN has been promoting new models and leadership for socially and environmentally sustainable business since 1987.