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Papyrus Australia listed on the Australian Stock Exchange PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 April 2005 00:51
Papyrus Australia has developed a process to make paper out of Banana waste using no chemicals or water and minimal power. Costs are projected to be similar or lower than making wood-pulp based paper. With ~100 million tonnes of banana waste worldwide each year, this project has a huge potential both economically, and in terms of its sustainability impact. Papyrus has gone public today (14th April), with a listing on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) with code "PPY". (Chart) In my opinion, this company offers a huge opportunity, but is also a high risk investment. The technology is world-beating, a fundamentally different way of making paper, but it has to be scaled up to a commercial scale, which all the consultants and experts think can be done, but it will inevitably have challenges. The company also has to develop a management team with the necessary business skills to run an operation with the majority of its market in developing countries. It also has to face the challenges of retaining an ethical and sustainability commitment while being listed on a stock exchange. See: Disclaimer: I was part of Papyrus's management team until August 2004, and still have a fair number of shares in this company.