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'Sustainable Community: Learning from the cohousing model' by Graham Meltzer PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 May 2005 02:31

A friend of mine - Graham Meltzer - has a book out on Cohousing, since Graham is a photographer I expect the book will be visually interesting as well as informative and look forward to a chance to get my hands on it.

This book explores the link between ‘sustainability’ and ‘community’. It is based on a 10-year study of cohousing, a popular new type of planned residential community that addresses pressing environmental and social needs. It uses data (including 120 photographs, 50 diagrams and 30 tables) from twelve cohousing developments in Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia and Japan – concrete examples of successful sustainable communities.
The book is scholarly and authoritative, yet accessible to a broad intelligent readership as an illustrated account of a fascinating cultural phenomenon. It will be valuable to students of architecture, planning, sociology, community psychology and environmental studies as well as architects, planners and other professionals. It should prompt local authorities and developers to envisage and implement genuinely sustainable urban development proposals. 
Sustainable Community – Learning from the cohousing model provides in-depth and insightful information for participants in the cohousing, ecovillage, sustainability and communities movements. It is well known that such activists face a scarcity of literature from which to draw ideas and inspiration. This book will help fill that void.
“If this book encourages more people to explore innovative ways of sharing living space, it will have made a real contribution to a better future.” Professor Ian Lowe AO
Dr Graham Meltzer is considered the world’s leading expert on cohousing. He is an architect, scholar and commercial photographer who consults, researches and lectures in environmental and social architecture, housing and communalism."

Details about the book, including some excerpts, are available at