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Tuesday, 10 May 2005 01:12
GE is planning to announce its new focus ... Joel Makower, has been working on this behind the scenes, and blogs about it, here's a short extract ....
Ecomagination, says Immelt, aims to "focus our unique energy, technology, manufacturing, and infrastructure capabilities to develop tomorrow's solutions such as solar energy, hybrid locomotives, fuel cells, lower-emission aircraft engines, lighter and stronger materials, efficient lighting, and water purification technology." By almost any measure, it's a bold move. For GE, the fifth-largest U.S. company, it represents a strategic shift that could catalyze competition among some of the world's largest companies to accelerate the emerging clean-tech economy.
This is a big deal, although GE has a LONGGGGG way to go since it is still in the nuclear power business, and it was until 1992 in the nuclear weapons business leading to a major boycott that was the subject of the film "Deadly Deception". I believe companies can change dramatically, especially when they get new leadership, Immelt was appointed in 2001. A statement about their new-found commitment to CSR, appeared in Fortune recently. I think the jury is out, but its important to give companies a chance to change, and to prove that this is not just big-company green-washing.