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Regional Climate Change preparation , are we willing to take the hard steps? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 June 2005 07:42
Along with about 120 others, I attended the regional climate change forum today (3rd June), at Southern Cross University. Most of the presentations were great, but not new - i.e. repeats of the significant impact of climate change in terms of temperature and rainfall, presented with some quite detailed models and figures. And predictions that with pessimistic scenarios show up to 5-6 degrees rise by 2050. However some of the presentations - by Rous Water, and DIPNR left me worried at the preparedness and planning of our government officials. Unfortunately, like the Peak Oil and David Suzuki talks recently, the day concluded only with a sense of urgency and importance and with very little discussion of solutions and actions, both in order to reduce the change, and in order to reduce the impact of the change. Personally I'm a techno optimist, which means that I believe there are technical and administrative solutions that would allow us to reduce our emissions by the 50% or more needed. However I'm a politico-pessimist, which means that I think it highly unlikely that the powers-that-be in Washington, Sydney and Canberra will take actions on the scale needed. Hopefully here in Byron we can start a conversation on what we can do to reduce our impact on climate and set a good example. We have a council that could potentially back such actions, although the reaction by so-called environmentalists to recent proposals for a wind turbine in the area do not bode well for a willingness to take action ourselves. See the full report for me detail on the presentations and my worries generated by them. (p.s. if any of the presenters are reading this, please email me the presentations or their URL's, and I'll post them for people to draw their own conclusions.)