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Downshifting Downunder - Conference July 23 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 19 June 2005 03:44
I'm co-convenor of a new Australian organisation "Downshifting Downunder". In the last decade at least 20% of the Australian population have downshifted, that is, they have voluntarily decided to change their lives in ways that mean they earn less and consume less. However, most downshifters think they are the only ones. The organisation's role is to help catalyse and co-ordinate a movement among Australian downshifters, and to share information that shows consumption is not the only way to happiness. We are organising a conference on July 23rd in Sydney. With a number of interesting speakers including Clive Hamilton, Richard Eckersley, Stuart Hill, Richard & Maria MagGuire, and Byron Shire locals Kali Wendorf and Ruth Ostrow. Early registration ends July 12th. Check out Downshifting Downunder's website for more information including a series on the theme from political Cartoonist Sean Leahey.