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New Lithium ion batteries from A123 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 November 2005 23:10
There is some interesting buzz around another fast recharging Lithium Ion battery, such as that announced by Toshiba in March. This time its from A123 who have got products under way with Black and Decker etc. The Wall Street Journal has an article on them. (Thanks to ETList and Clean Break who are also running the story.)
A new generation of rechargeable batteries—delivering far more power than their predecessors—is energizing the power-tool industry and generating widespread interest in applications in everything from vacuum cleaners to ride-on lawn mowers to hybrid cars. The new lithium-ion batteries—powering a host of products already on the market and envisioned for others on the drawing board—are made possible by technical breakthroughs in lightweight lithium-ion cells, introduced in rechargeables in the 1990s but until recently deemed too volatile for safe high-power use. ... For hybrid electric/gasoline cars, manufacturers have adopted nickel-metal-hydride batteries because they weigh less than lead batteries. A123 believes its lithium-ion batteries could pack the same punch as nickel-metal-hydride at 20% of the weight.