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Back from a world tour PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 November 2005 08:39
Hi readers ... a couple of people have commented on the long gap in postings here. I'm just back in Australia from a crazy round-the-world green business trip, once I catch up on the backlog of "urgent" actions, I'll post some highlights and interesting items I came across here. In the meantime ... just a quick overview of the trip, and some of the topics I want to write up as soon as I get some time.


  • checking whether a factory making organic nappies for one of my businesses are doing so in an appropriately ethical way
  • exploring possibilities for small scale sewing projects hooked into Community Economic Development projects.
  • sourcing tins in a way that helps the struggles of oppressed metalworkers.


  • Meeting with a client about a documentary she's making
  • Attending the European Social Venture Network conference - a gathering of Green businesses, investors, and consultants



  • Meeting with clients making plastic out of hemp

England and Scotland

  • Visiting and reconnecting with the Eco-village, Community and Living Machine at Findhorn after a 16 year gap
  • Reconnecting with old friends involved with sustainability consulting to large businesses, and with green building


  • Attending the US Social Venture Network conference
  • Attending the Green Fair in San Francisco
  • Sourcing organics from Costa Rica for Australian clients
  • Looking for finance for an Australian client
  • Finding US outlets for organic foods from Australian clients
  • Sourcing Australian Raw materials for US companies
  • Discussing the problems of bureaucracy within the fair trade labeling system
  • Introducing the Community Friendly Movement (Indian) and Tip2Change to US Media and Fair Trade companies
  • Researching alternatives and opportunities in early stage funding of sustainability and cleantech companies

Now back to the backlog pile.