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Papyrus awarded a patent PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 November 2005 13:17
Congratulations to Papyrus Australia, who had their banana paper technology ruled ``novel and inventive'' by the Australian Patent Office, which may lead to acquiring patent protection globally (Company Statement). Papyrus's stock surged up 29.63% to 0.35 (latest) on the news (graph). I want to publicly congratulate the Patent Attorney, Greg Bartlett of POF, he was one of the very few patent attorneys I've met who really understood the technology (and I have two patents in my name!) On Yahoo its saying " A company official told Reuters the development provides it with an option to pursue a joint-venture agreement, licencing of the product or go for an outright sale." Hopefully they won't go the latter route as I fear it could cause the loss of the sustainability values that were a core part of my reason for working with them. Full Disclosure: I was acting CEO of Papyrus most of last year, I have no ongoing inside information.