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Tuesday, 27 December 2005 22:57
As we pass through the time of the Solstice (summer or winter depending on your location) and the festivals of Christmas and New Year, its a good time to reflect. What gives me hope or worry at this time of year, as I reflect on the things that matter to me. I believe that business has the ability to create the change we need in the planet. However it needs to be given the right incentives and motivations to do so. I gain hope that despite the lack of action from the US and Australian governments, that substantial investment, even from fairly conservative investors such as pension funds, is flowing into clean technologies such as renewable energy. It worries me that the short term perspective of votes (and in the US bribes) from the old dirty industries will lead governments to plow money, resources and subsidies into green washing ideas such as "clean coal" and nuclear power. It gives me hope that ordinary people outside the cities seem less and less concerned about the national origin or race of someone. It gives me worry that racism has bubbled to the surface in Australian cities, and will be used to pit communities against each other rather than focussing on the real problems of greed, and inequality. It worries me that Johnny Howard still can't tell the difference between a refugee and a terrorist, incarcerating the former, and creating many more of the latter through continued participation in the illegal occupation of Iraq. It gives me hope that locally we have a council that is prepared to fight for a green shire, it worries me that it puts so many barriers in the way of green concepts like wind turbines that it sends a clear signal to green businesses to go elsewhere. It worries me that the RTA has once again succeeded in driving a wedge between the two halves of the shire, so they fight each other rather than fighting the whole concept of building more roads rather than rail or moving freight to the inland corridor. It worries me that our whole economy is based around getting people to buy stuff they don't need and which don't make them any happier. It gives me hope to see an increasing number of people realising that more stuff does not equal more happiness, and choosing to step off the rat-race and find more fulfilling occupation. Just a few ideas, and I wish everyone who reads this a year in which their own projects bring them, and our planet and community closer to wholeness.