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KBR - accused of knowingly supplying water contaminated with Sewage. PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2006 07:31

Following up on the story about Kellogg, Brown and Root, it appears that testimony to the US senate has accused them of knowingly supplying water contaminated with sewage to the US occupation in Iraq. I wonder if this effects their competency to be upgrading oru local sewage plan? Would they tell us if it was failing?

From Grist

Former employees of a subsidiary of Halliburton, the big military-services contractor once helmed by Vice President Dick Cheney, say the company exposed thousands of American troops and Iraqi civilians to sewage-laced water. Testifying yesterday before Senate Democrats, whistle-blower and water-quality expert Ben Carter said he informed his Halliburton superiors last year that the water it was supplying to Camp Junction City in Ramadi was contaminated by coliform bacteria and other microorganisms. Carter said the water sickened residents, who routinely used it to shower, shave, and brush their teeth. Halliburton didn't act, says Carter, but did instruct him not to tell the military its water needed treatment. "They told me it was none of my concern and to keep my mouth shut," says Carter, who resigned over the matter. Halliburton denies the allegations.