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Amory Lovins: Nuclear power: economics and climate-protection potential. PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 June 2006 08:14
E05-14_NukePwrEcon.jpgAmory Lovins documents a dramatic and little-known development: worldwide, efficient use of electricity plus decentralized low- or no-carbon electric generation are already at least twice as big as nuclear power and growing an order of magnitude faster, simply because they cost far less. New nuclear plants not only can't compete with central coal and gas plants, but also can't compete by hopelessly wide margins with these cheaper decentralized alternatives. Nuclear investments would only reduce and retard the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, because they'd save far less carbon per dollar and provide less new electricity per year. These differences, once hypothetical, are now richly confirmed by actual market behavior. Read the very detailed paper, or its abstract, which can be downloaded from RMI's site.