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Labor once again moving against the environment - time for an opposition! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 July 2006 02:38
Isn't it about time we had an opposition party in Australia? Labor is once again moving to join the Liberals in opposition to our environment, by moving under Beazley's insistence to support new uranium mines. The arguments against Nuclear Power - and for Renewables as the solution to climate change and peak oil - are strong, and well documented on this blog. In marginal, progressive seats, local members - such as our own Justine Elliot often express views supportive of what their electorate are demanding. But with the party discipline that Labor imposes it doesn't really make much difference what our local federal or state member's personal views are since they won't cross the floor to back them. So its a good time to let your local member know that whatever they think, you will work against their re-election if Labor drops its opposition to Uranium mines. Take the chance, on those rare occasions when you see them out and about in the constituency, to let them know how you feel.