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Zelfo - Plastic from Plants PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 July 2006 08:01
peanutchair2.jpgZelfo Australia is a new company I am on its board. It is making plastic from plants - and I don't mean plants+resin, I mean 100% plants. Here's their press release, or check out the website for many more pictures. A new sustainable industry is being built in the Northern Rivers. As oil prices skyrocket, alternatives have been sought and solutions dreamt about for some time. A new company, Zelfo Australia has the answer. And it is a new material made from 100% plants, including industrial hemp and sugar cane that uses no glues or resins and is 100% biodegradable. Made from plants a new super-strong aesthetic material will be produced to suit various markets. Products that have been made from Zelfo include a Georgio Armani bowl, an award winning chair and stool as well as musical instruments, jewellery and other products that are traditional made from wood, fibre glass, glass and some plastics. This new industry is looking to work with established designers, manufacturers and builders to produce alternatives to their existing products. “We do not foresee our products making wood or plastics redundant just yet,” states Managing Director Paul Benhaim “we see Zelfo products being attractive to designers and business’ wanting strong, quality eco-friendly replicable ranges with that ‘handmade’ feel.” The commercial factory will be powered by green energy, recycle as much of its water as possible, and emit no toxic wastes. “Integrity and ethical authenticity is a key foundation to our business,” states Paul Benhaim, “Quality without Qualms and Strength with Sustainability are our mottos.” Raw materials that may be used include sugar cane, hemp, jute, flax, waste paper and textile scraps. What is your vision for a Zelfo future?