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Byron Bay meet the candidates forum on climate change PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 February 2007 10:41
Stephanie Long, climate campaigner for Friends of the Earth asked me to pass this on, I think this is an excellent opportunity to pressure the candidates on climate issues, and to discourage them from the non-answers like carbon sequestration and nuclear power. Invitation to a meet-the-candidates forum for the March State election *Date:* Saturday, March 10, 2007 *Time: * Speakers to arrive at 1.30pm for light refreshments & to meet informally Public meeting, 2pm to 4pm *Venue:* Byron Bay High School auditorium *Donation:* We will ask everyone attending to make a donation to go to Byron Bay High School or to North Coast Climate Action Group (NCCAG) NCCAG believes that Global Warming and Climate Change are the most serious issues facing the entire population of our planet and threaten our very existence. We believe climate change policy and action should be beyond party politics and should head all political and public agendas. The purpose of the forum is for political candidates to outline how they will act to deal with Climate Change and for voters to put questions and discussion points to them. We anticipate the forum will proceed as follows. 1. Brief overview and introduction of speakers – Adrian Gattenhof 2. A ten minute review of the recent Kyoto negotiations in Nairobi, Kenya, and their relevance to Australia – Stephanie Long 3. A Byron Bay High student on local initiatives and innovations 4. Each candidate will be invited to speak for around 15 minutes on what they will do, if elected, to address the issue of Global Warming. Candidates will speak in alphabetical order; John Bailey – Greens, Melanie Doriean – ALP, Don Page, MP, National Party. 5. Panel discussion among the candidates and Stephanie Long with opportunity to question each other, together with questions and discussion points from audience. The candidates are welcome to distribute election material at the forum.