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New Zealand to be the first Carbon Neutral country? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 March 2007 11:30
This press release came from Beyond Zero Emissions, Prime Minister Helen Clarke is setting the direction for a realigning of the NZ economy to Carbon Neutrality. New Zealand is taking the lead to be the first country to be net zero emissions across all sectors.. The New Zealand Government is in the process of developing a series of targets, the first of which is that 6 of it's 34 own agencies will be Carbon neutral by 2012. "New Zealand is targeting all key sectors of their economy and are going to reduce their emissions to near zero emissions and then offset the rest, at the same time the Australian government, representing some of the biggest polluting industries in the world such as BHP and Rio Tinto, can't even agree to the 108% increase on 1990 levels. that we would be bound to under the Kyoto agreement, which is the biggest concession given to any industrialised country." said Matthew Wright Beyond Zero Emissions Campaigner. (Read on, and check the references at the end).