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IPCC report watered down, while the deniers claim censorship PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 April 2007 00:30
Some of the biggest polluters - the US, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia (and presumably Australia) flexed a lot of muscle to water down the recent IPCC report. In particular to the crucial "summary for policy makers" which is all that most non-climate scientists are likely to read. Kevin Grandia has done an excellent job of comparing a leaked version, with the officially released version to show just what key statements were taken out. His story is here, or read the side-by-side comparison which contains material such as ... BEFORE: Ongoing water security problems are very likely to increase in southern and eastern Australia, and parts of eastern New Zealand. AFTER: Freshwater availability in Central, South, East and Southeast Asia particularly in large river basins is projected to decrease due to climate change which, along with population growth and increasing demand arising from higher standards of living, could adversely affect more than a billion people by the 2050s. Now ... I wonder who would gain from the report no longer saying that water problems are going to increase here in Australia? Lisa Stiffler at Seattle Post Intelligencer also did a more detailed comparisom of the implications for North America.