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Origin Energy - claims don't seem to live up to reality PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 June 2007 10:18
I just received an interesting call from Origin Energy I had filled in the form on Origin Energy's website about switching to their green power, basically based on their 100% claim on the website, and that I had heard their products were the "best" green power on the market. The sales person who called offered me a special offer of $1/week, but the only choice - since i was in NSW - was 10% wind and 90% EXISTING hydro, i.e. not something which adds to our renewable energy supplies at all, i.e. my subscribing to Green Power would make almost no difference at all. This is despite the salesperson claiming it was 100% greenpower (which doesn't match the website which says that product is 10% greenpower, and also offers the 100% products in NSW. When I challenged the salesperson they suddenly found it very hard to hear me on my mobile, despite the line sounding fine to me, wonder if they were on commission? I have sent a copy of this to Origin and will add their explanation here if I get a response.