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Pretty much every industry these PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 September 2007 01:14
Pretty much every industry these days has to start looking at the sustainability implications of their industry, and competitors are starting to use this as a differentiating factor ... this one from the Action Sports Industry. I've attached their brochure (oops will do when my blog gets fixed), it would be nice if they'd used more of the space to actually talk about the environmentally produced products, rather than repeating hints for homes and businesses which I'm sure everyone has seen by now ... but its a start, I know some of the exhibitors (Comet Skateboard; Guakaki Mate and New Leaf Paper) and they are definitely committed to doing the right thing From ASEC ... The mission of the “ASEC Green Room” is to showcase the environmental efforts of the action sports industry and inspire, educate and empower people to make informed, conscious decisions that will change their world. Some of the most influential brands in the world along with a number of natural product companies have joined forces with ASEC with the goal to motivate people to integrate the environment into their decision making and provide business solutions that will empower them to succeed. The Green Room will also feature free natural/organic product sampling, seminars, an eco mini ramp, music, art, and the first annual ‘Green for Green’ poker tournament! ASEC is uniting the Action Sports Industry – brought together by the shared understanding that our cooperation will improve our collective environmental impact, expand industry participation, and provide a better way of educating a broad audience about the positive opportunities and solutions that the Action Sports industry provides to address the issues of pollution, social division and global warming. ASEC will operate as a resource, authority and educator for the Action Sports industry and community as it works to improve its collective impact on the environment as a way to improve quality of life and resolve the complex environmental challenges facing our world today. ASEC was founded as a not-for-profit in 2002 by Frank Scura, Bob Burnquist, Jen O’Brien and Damon Way, and now includes a vast membership base that includes individuals, retailers, manufacturers and athletes. For more information, check out