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Solar Neighbourhoods - Solar Power to the People. PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 03 February 2008 08:19
I've been quiet lately because I've had my head down in a new startup. We are called Beyond Building, and are tackling the issue of the affordability of Green Building and Renewable Energy. In essence we don't believe that sustainability will scale until people stop asking the question "Can I afford to be Green". Our first program is called Solar Neighbourhoods. We help community activists gather 50 people in a neighbourhood, and then install solar photovoltaic systems. The key thing is the price point, it is $495 (rising to 895 on Feb 15th) for a 1kW system (after federal government rebates and Renewable Energy Credits. We've had a great response - most people who have tried have had no problem finding enough neighbours. We get the price down through a combination of volume buying, short supply chains (dealing directly with both factories and custmers) and installing 50 at a time. The program is just expanding to developers, and sponsors (employers, energy utilities etc). More information at