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Lobbying and Testifying PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 August 2008 09:04
Its been busy on the political front lately - as climate change becomes recognised as more important, the lobbying and jockying has started, and of course political point-scoring. Firstly there was the Senate enquiry into the Solar Rebate, I made a submission essentially arguing that the main issue was the kind of consistency that allows an industry to develop and invest. The committee holds meetings in regional capitals, and I was invited to testify along with a couple of our customers who had been hurt when the government means tested the rebate in the budget. I testified along the same lines, the testimony is here - and our testimony starts on page 37. At almost the same time the Senate has an enquiry into Feed-in-Tariffs, essentially the economic engine that has driven expansion of Renewables in Europe. I've testified that essentially they are a great idea IF they are structured correctly, and fairly useless if structured as they have been in Victoria; Queensland and South Australia. Minister of the Environment Peter Garrett also held a consultation on how to support Energy Efficiency and Emissions reduction for homeowners. I was pleasantly surprised how much he knew about the issues. The consultation involved about 30 people from industry, NGO's and Government, it would have been interesting to have more discussion but as it was there was just time for each of us to make a short presentation.