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Byron Green Drinks PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 December 2008 12:54
Over the last year, I've been to "Green Drinks" evenings in San Francisco; Melbourne and Brisbane they were a great way to meet and catch up with and network with like-minded people. I thought it would be great to have an evening like this closer to home. The intention is to open it up to anyone who works in the sustainability sector - whether that is in business, non-profits or government. The idea is simple ... - no agenda, no programme, no RSVPs, come when you like, leave when you like, just people with a shared work who you might like to talk to. We'll make sure there is a table for you to leave leaflets, business cards or whatever, but thats all the organised part. We held our first evening last night (4th Dec) at the Poinciana cafe in Mullumbimby, with about 40 people there, and there was a general consensus to do them regularly, so they'll be on a regular basis from the end of January. I've created a group on facebook to announce future events at so please sign up there if you want to come along, Or if you aren't in this area, you can find the Green Drinks event in your own area.