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Australian Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme - analysis and briefing PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 19 December 2008 02:34
I attended the Australian federal government's briefing on its "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme" in Brisbane yesterday. The one-line summary .... inadequate goals (450ppm); targets that push the burden of meeting the goal onto the next government (5% by 2020) and measures unlikely to even achieve those targets. The government chose to send someone to explain WHAT is in the CPRS, but no-one to explain WHY. He gave a clear explanation of how it works, and responded well to those questions, but was clearly not authorised to discuss why the scheme is so poor. I've attempted to analyse the CPRS below, but please note that the actual white paper is several hundred pages long, so this is based on a fast read of the 77 page printed "summary".