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Van Jones just confirmed as Obama’s Green Jobs Czar PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 March 2009 09:31

Update: This story is now confirmed - or at least partly, Van will join the Council on Environmental Quality, which coordinates President Obama's climate, energy and other environmental policy initiatives with federal agencies. - the NYTIMES has the story) and here is Van's take on it, where he denies being the czar of anything!

This story is just breaking - and not yet confirmed, but it sounds like Van Jones has been given the job he deserves, making sure that the stimulus money gets used to create Green Jobs.

I first met Van a few years ago through the SVN and I still use his famous table of how to reach poor people with the green message.

 Connects with Rich peopleConnects with Poor people
Problem orientationDrowning Polar BearsDrowning Los Orleans
Solution orientedSolar panelsJobs installing Solar Panels

Congratulations Van, you deserve it.

Van Jones just confirmed as Obama’s Green Jobs Czar via
By Karl Burkart • March 7, 2009
I don’t have all the details yet, but I have to post it up. I just received texts from two people close to Van Jones and the word is in…he was just confirmed yesterday as the ‘Green Czar’ overseeing the allocation of green jobs money in the stimulus bill, with a likely focus on energy retrofits.

This was first suggested/predicted in the blogosphere back in October by David Anderson of Green Options Media, who said that Van, equipped with years of grass roots experience in community development has built ‘a credible case for the win-win-win green collar economy of the future.’

I’ve been following Van closely and posting frequently with the anticipation that there might be a significant role for him in D.C. Van is in some ways a controversial pick, but though his work has largely been in the nonprofit world, he has a pro"