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Should companies cut green programs PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 April 2009 07:57

As the financial crisis deepens, it becomes a big question as to whether sustainability programs should be cut. At Natural Innovation we've long believed that sustainability is an opportunity, i.e. that aligning a companies financial bottom line with their ecological and social bottom lines will benefit all three, and its interesting to see the debate shift in that direction now.

Some recent coverage included the Australian: Companies must not put green projects on hold: investors.

IT would be easy for troubled companies to put their green schemes on hold while they deal with effects of the financial crisis, but investors have warned directors that such a move would be short-sighted and could cost them more in the long run.

And also by the Age: Shining a light on sustainability of sustainability

THE view that sustainability and corporate responsibility are only important during "the good times" would suggest we are entering a "sustainability downturn". But there are many reasons to think the opposite may be true. Alongside the possibility that the triple bottom line will be separated, via an economic focus that takes precedence over environmental and social concerns, is the potential for it to be further integrated by today's economic issues.