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ETS delayed, improvements debated. PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 May 2009 07:39

While I was away, the long awaited Emissions trading Scheme - the so-called "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme" was delayed for another year, and a number of changes made to it.

I've blogged before on the significant flaws in CPRS, and why it won't reduce emissions by even 5% which won't keep CO2 levels to 450ppm which wouldn't keep temperature rise to 2 degrees, which wouldn't stop dangerous change ...

The trouble with the changes is that they look good, while failing to commit the government to actually make significant changes. Rather than analyse it myself, I'd suggest looking at David Spratt's (Code Red) article, and Ian Lowe's (ACF) response.

I respect both of these environmental leaders, and their are Pro's and Con's of passing a scheme - i.e. its a terrible scheme, but its arguably better than nothing. I suggest the focus of attention should be on the deficiencies in the scheme, rather than the position of any organisation on it.