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Cost Comparison of CFL, Incandescent and LED PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mitra Ardron   
Sunday, 27 December 2009 23:58

lightingcomparisom.gifBased on an idea and spreadsheet I found at mapawatt, I've put together a spreadsheet that tracks the cost curves for Incandescent, CFL and LED so you can see at what point you would break even. Based on a set of assumptions (that I got from Mapawatt), it shows (at 4 hours/day usage) LED's beat Incandescent after 4 years, but CFL's are better than all of them from year 1, it takes 30 years for LED's to beat CFL's but then need replacing after year 35. Obviously this depends on assumptions about inflation in electricity prices, so I've added a second tab, where I assume electricity inflates at 7% more than general inflation. This isn't unreasonable, for example NSW in Australia just authorised 60% over next 4 years, but its highly speculative how this will change over the longer term (i.e. over the life of an LED bulb).