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Can capitalism be fixed - Clinton Global contrasted to People's Climate March PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mitra Ardron   
Sunday, 21 September 2014 00:00

One clear contrast between the Climate March and Clinton Global Initiative is that CGI see’s enlightened capitalism as the answer - companies acting responsibly, working with NGO’s to solve problems, while one of the dominant meme’s at the march was that capitalism has been unable to solve the issue of climate, so capitalism is the problem that should be thrown out. You don’t need to apply a old-left/marxist analysis to come to that conclusion. Capitalism, US style, has given us a world where anything can be bought and sold, including the health of our children and grandchildren, AND government itself. I think the question for the CEO’s of major companies at CGI should be not - what good companies can do, but whether responsible companies can change the rules so that government doesn’t act only in the interests of their short term profits.

Funnily enough, probably the best solution to climate change would be capitalist/market-based, i.e. to put a price on carbon. Given how long this has been avoided its going to have to be a pretty steep price now, and the chances of that happening in our corporatocracy is unlikely, hence the reasonable calls of marchers to get rid of capitalism.

Of course the chances of it being replaced by something better aren't high - but you can understand the logic when capitalism - especially US style - is clearly broken if it can't fix climate change.