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1. Some of Mitra Ardron's Past Projects & Clients
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... will continue for years while others will fall aside for any number of reasons: Urban Ecological Systems 2009-present Business development Supported commercialisation of integrated ...
2. Lumeter Networks
I am CEO and co-founder of Lumeter Networks. Lumeter has developed a series of pre-paid electricity meters that we are supplying to renewable energy companies so that they can better server rural off-grid ...
3. Natural Innovation .org
NOTE: Natural Innovation is on indefinite hold as I devote all my time to Lumeter Networks. I am the Executive Director of Natural Innovation .org Natural Innovation works to support & mentor innovator ...
From ABC's Innovations program 9 May 2005 A renewable energy device that captures vibration to produce electricity is making moves towards commercialisation. The Kinetic Energy Cell is an Australian ...