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1. The Good Life
I've been telling this story for years without realising it came from my friend Mark Albion. Now Free Range Studios (Story of Stuff, Meatrix) have made a short animated film of it.
The first issue of Downshifting Downunder's newsletter "Simpler Richer Living" is available on DD's website. ...
I'm co-convenor of a new Australian organisation "Downshifting Downunder". In the last decade at least 20% of the Australian population have downshifted, that is, they have voluntarily decided to change ...
... moment in Fair Trade for non-food items; Green Building; Downshifting and Voluntary Simplicity, and any interesting technologies ready to try out in Australia.  ...
... items below. Campaign against the mega-concert venue in Tyagarah, Will a much-expanded blues festival, and multiple other large multi-day partying events really enhance our community? Downshifting ...