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1. Mitra Ardron's archive of early APC material
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... a number of organisations including Greenpeace while consulting to companies on their use of email, the possibilities were obvious, and in May 1985 a BBS was setup in the hallway of his flat to link environmental ...
Greenpeace has a new report showing how we could get 50% of our energy from renewables by 2050, thus halving our emissions rather than the massive growth that would come from not making any changes. The ...
... power and therefore cannot replace coal-fired power stations. Greenpeace energy campaigner Mark Wakeham tackles the renewables sceptics (who not so long ago were climate sceptics) and answers some common ...
4. Greenpeace UK ad
Just caught this TV ad from Greenpeace UK ...  ...
... Report, or Torch, which estimated a toll of between 30,000 and 60,000 premature deaths. Last week the international Greenpeace campaign group released another study by 50 scientists claiming 200,000 lives ...