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1. Some of Mitra Ardron's Past Projects & Clients
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... rest of the net. Handling about 10% of AOL's then user-base. Educating AOL of the importance of the internet. Internet Engineering Task Force The IETF is the body that set standards ...
2. Mitra Ardron's involvement with Standards committees
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... an IETF meeting, and who needed something like this for his new system called the World Wide Web. More docs ... I was co-author of the Moving Worlds ...
3. Mitra's claims to internet fame - an informal history
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... actually using the idea goes to Tim Berners-Lee who Brewster shared the idea with at an IETF meeting, and who needed something like this for his new system  ...
4. Integrated Internet Information Architecture
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
... work in the IETF tradition of using existing successful practice as a touchstone for the validity and usefulness of our work. If we can develop such an architecture, then we have a framework which will ...
5. URN to URC Resolution Scenario
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
draft-ietf-uri-urn2urc-00.txt URI working group Expires 16 October 1994 19 Feb 94 URN to URC resolution scenario ============================== ...
6. The first URL discussion ?
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
... Brewster took these ideas to IETF in Boston, where they were described over beers to Tim Berners Lee who was looking for something like this for WWW. The rest, as they say, is history. March 2009: ...