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1. How To - No Dig Garden
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
A no-dig garden is a basic Permaculture tool - minimizing the work required to maintain a garden. In essence the garden is built up in a series of layers on top of whatever ...
2. Weed Barrier
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
If your ground-cover has been chosen well, then within the cultivated area, the ground cover will win against most of the weeds. As the more aggressive weeds are cut, ...
3. Howto: Sweet Potato Mound
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
Sweet Potatoes are easy to grow, but tough to harvest, here is an easy way to do this.   What you'll need: 2 or 3 metres of sweet potato cutting Small quantity of Straw or ...
4. Potatoes in a tire
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
Potatoes are easy to grow, but tough to harvest, here is an easy way to do this using a few old tires.   What you'll need: 3 or 4 old tires - most places that fix tires will ...
5. How to: Create a Banana Circle
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
By growing Bananas in a circle, you can increase production, and avoid the untidyness often associated with Bananas.       Goals Easy, large, production from ...
6. How To Build a Herb Spiral
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
A Herb Spiral is a simple way to improve your kitchen garden, a spiral of rocks encloses soil in which many species of herbs are planted. The rock warms ...
7. Permaculture "How to" guides
(static/Writings - Sustainability)
These simple "How To" guides, aimed at the relative newcomer to Permaculture. They have been selected because they are relatively easy to implement, and do not require that you convert ...