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... mainstream media and policy making circles. Find out the facts on energy availability, how energy decent will effect your life, what you can do about it and the prospects for Byron Shire and beyond. A ...
22. Emminem video
... a million downloads. (that comes out to about 50 terrabytes of downloads which must be some kind of a record for independant media).  ...
...  When moisture comes into contact with dry air, it evaporates, causing an immediate drop in temperature. When the water in the sand between the two pots evaporates, the inner pot is kept cool, preserving ...
24. Integrated Internet Information Architecture
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... an object is not exactly analogous to the existing notions of 'document', 'file', etc., but is slightly more generic. We have identified a number of functional 'modules' in the architecture which mediate ...
25. The first URL discussion ?
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... immediately, as I needed to be able to incorporate a bulk of stuff which I used day to day. The news: engine was just an NNTP client which converted to HTML, very small layer. Not a brilliant news reader ...