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1. Mitra Ardron's archive of early APC material
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... to contact the APC via PeaceNet apc_ica_1988.pdf: May 88: A short paper on the APC presented to the International Communications Association conference by Mitra Ardron and Debbie Miller. gn_press_may88_linkup.pdf: ...
... in the video: Mitra Ardron – Natural Innovation Alex Denny – Hub DC Mark Surman – Mozilla Foundation Rob Thomas – Social K Retirement Plans Patrick Donohue – The Hoop Fund Laura Flanders ...
As of 18th Dec 2013 I'm back in the US with no upcoming travel plans. +1-510-423-1767 The easiest way to reach me is almost always email ...
4. URI and Information Retrieval
(static/Writings - Technical)
...  Brewster Kahle, Marc Andreeson and Mitra Ardron) figured out how to do URLs and tried to do URNs. (zip)            ...
5. Writings on VRML - 3D on the internet
(static/Writings - Technical)
A collection of writings about VRML,  the first 3D standard on the internet, now superceeded by X3D and proprietrary languages. VRM2.0: a history and collection of proposals VRML+: (multi-user - ...
6. Blog
(static/Writings - Sustainability)
I write an occasional blog about topics that I find interesting. Including: Clean Tech; Renewables; Climate change; etc - Most of my briefer and newer writing takes place there.  
7. Some of Mitra Ardron's Past Projects & Clients
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
Listed here are some of the projects I have been involved with over the years. Some are voluntary, others are paid; some are well under way, or recently completed, while others are just starting; some ...
8. Mitra Ardron's involvement with Standards committees
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
I worked with, and on internet standards committees from 1990 till 1997, through times at Pandora, WAIS, Worlds Inc, Paragraph and SGI. I no longer do this work with the internet, but would be interested ...
9. Mitra Ardron's public speaking
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
Mitra is a confident public speaker, and has presented papers, or sat on panels at many conferences, with audiences as large as 2000. Some of the presentations - and in some cases the presentation materials ...
10. Press coverage of Mitra Ardron & projects
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
I've received a fair amount of press coverage over the years, on some projects more than others, and less in recent years as most of the time now I prefer to take a backseat and mentor the true innovators ...
11. Mitra Ardron's resume
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
Lots of experience in sustainability, management, IT, renewables, cleantech and so on - details in my resume.
The article I wrote below appeared in the May 2007 issue of Ethical Investor. But after attending the 3rd Cleantech shindig. Mitra Ardron thinks the best deals are getting away. Most pitch-fest presentations ...
The Byron Sustainable Ventures Network is a network of local business-owners which was started about a year ago by Mitra Ardron of Natural Innovation. The people that make up the network believe that ...
14. Introducing Mitra Ardron
Hi, and welcome to my website - a place where I've collected writings both current and past. I work at the interfaces of Sustainability, Community and Technology. I'm passionate about sustainability ...
15. The first URL discussion ?
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
... inventor of WAIS, then at Thinking Machines, and now Founder & Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive, Bob Schumaker then at AMiX, now at Fujitsu Cultural Technologies Mitra Ardron, then at ...