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Papyrus is making paper from banana trees, using no chemicals, no water and minimal power. In my opinion, its the most exciting innovation I've seen in sustainability for years, with the potential to ...
42. Communities of Practice in Adult Learning
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In 2003, I co-authored a paper on Community Knowledge Management with Jim Nichols, it was part of a project for ACE (Adult Community Education) looking at how education has to change to match different ...
This is an interesting thought-experiment on using Legrange points and Gravity wells to get around the solar system on the cheap. Quite a long, well reasoned paper with enough math to back it up. See ...
An interesting paper on suggestions from Egyptian relics that electricity was in use long before we thought. See "" ...
45. The ecology of memes
...  Richard Dawkins coined the idea, back in '93 or thereabouts in a paper "Dawkins R. 1993. Viruses of the Mind. P. 13-27, in: Dennett and his Critics, Blackwell Publishers." If there is an online version, ...
46. LETS Pretend - or how money really works
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... but few will be able to find matches where each has something the other needs. Stage 2 illustrates Money and Bank loans Stick up a sheet of paper on a wall and label it "Classifieds" ...
47. URN to URC Resolution Scenario
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... <> URL: gopher:// Format: Text/plain URL: ...