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1. US Patent # 09883064 - Peer to Peer
(static/Writings - Technical)
I am listed as an author on US Patent # 09883064 for peer to peer file sharing which we developed at Flycode where I was CTO. There were two key innovations - the first was to use file hashing so that ...
2. US Patent # 6219045 - Shared 3D Worlds
(static/Writings - Technical)
I am listed as a co-author on US Patent # 6219045 that covers the first shared 3D virtual environment on the net. "Scalable Virtual World Chat Client-Server System". Our team broke new ground at a time ...
3. Writings on VRML - 3D on the internet
(static/Writings - Technical)
... written before VRML2.0) Patent - Shared 3D Worlds Living Worlds: (multi-user - written after VRML2.0) tutorial and avatars    ...
Papyrus Australia (ASX:PPY) had some coverage recently of a banana harvester it developed and has recently filed patents on. A key input to Papyrus's process of turning banana waste into paper is a supply ...
Congratulations to Papyrus Australia, who had their banana paper technology ruled ``novel and inventive'' by the Australian Patent Office, which may lead to acquiring patent protection globally (Company ...